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Provides quick and easy way for social media viewers and audience to interact and engage personally with your sales people. Can be used for inbound call centers.  Since there is no telphone number to remember, your business has global reach to get more business. 


Increases your live social media audience and views by adding voice engagment gimmicks directly from your live social media feed.  You can launch live voice Q&A contest, polls, personal comments and live interactions with your participants making your social media campaign more lively and interactive.


Simplify how your customers contact your support team without the long and tedious IVRS.  Give direct link to connect to specific department or support.  You can handle global inbound calls wihtout long distance charges to your customers using Fonn.Link web call service for your support teams.

Social Media assist incoming calls

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Use your web link to allow viewers to connect witn your business directly from social media posts.


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FonnLink is one of the office tools being developed for enterprises offered by SysNet.   Fonnlink has a patent pending applications for pairing unique URL to telephone devices on the internet.  Fonn Link is a great too for Sales, Marketing and After sale support applications to increase social media viewers interaction to help generate more business.  FonnLink makes any business reachable by voice through any social media platform.  More reach means more business.


We would like Fonn.LInk Slash-Name (/Name) as the primary inbound voice service of every business.  We will be the best provider of custom web link that will provide browser to Phone direct calling service for enterprises.


Our technology is using the latest in Web to Phone call service that allows any caller using a browser to ring  any business phones without using a telephone number.    Call is using high efficiency voice codecs to allow voice signals to travel via  internet connection to target destination business phone with high quality voice.  Using web calling, your business will be reachable by voice from global callers.



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